As I start this first “official” blog post I am thankful for the TEAM that is a part of TOCI and OCS.  This team starts with my family; Ty, our kids, my father in law and mother in law as this truly is a family owned business and with daily help from all these members.  The employees with hard work, input and enthusiasm kick off each day with great attitudes.  The professionals that Ty and I work with daily from IT, art, consulting firms, accountants, designers, etc.  They are all so responsive, helpful and supportive.   Clients; professional friends that trust Ty and I to perform work for them and assist them with creating their dreams and visions at workplaces and at home/ ranch.    Life and business truly is a TEAM sport and I appreciate each and every individual!

Now getting back to the title of this post; yesterday we took advantage of the dry, near 80 degree temps and updated the driveway approach and culvert.   With the equipment and a great crew we were able to dig out the old culvert and update the culvert and approach!   Jentri and I delivered popsicles at end of day as the work wrapped up!  Thanks to McCoys Building Supply in Stephenville, TX. for the great customer service and materials for the job.