Our clients are very special to us here at Olson Construction Services, ultimately there is a professional relationship that forms as we get to know them and their project.  In time through; communication and the process of the build a friendship and respect grows.   We take notice that you can build, create and move forward with your dream/ vision with anyone, but we greatly appreciate the opportunity to be your contractor and partner in your project!  Here are some comments from some of our amazing clients.

Associated Well Services, Inc. has had the distinct pleasure of working with Olson’s Construction Services, LLC. for the past year. We contracted Olson’s to install storm drains, relocate a water main and improve the parking lot structure. Each of these were performed with professional aptitude and expertise. We have been able to rely on this company’s performance, as the work was completed thoroughly, promptly and with the utmost integrity.

We are happy to recommend the services of Olson’s Construction Services, LLC. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Tina Aardal, Lipan, TX
I am pleased to recommend Ty Olson Construction for all your construction needs.

This recommendation is based on a recent rebuild of our hay barn after sudden storm caused extensive damage.  On Sunday night July 22, 2009 an unexpected wind and lightning storm caused an eighty foot Ponderosa Pine to crash down on our hay barn.  The massive tree split the barn in two destroying the middle of the roof, trusses, and the electrical system.  This occurred in the middle of the haying season when we had two cuttings of hay in the barn and when a third cutting was expected within weeks.  On the night of the storm I asked my neighbor who he would use to rebuild the barn.   Without hesitation he recommended Olson Construction because they had built his barn and his garage.

Early Monday morning I called Olson Construction and from this first contact I was impressed with their responsive “can do” approach.  Kathy Olson took my call and she immediately appreciated the need to get our hay protected and the need to make emergency repairs.  Within the hour Ty Olson called me back, and later inspected the barn and arranged to be present with a person from Kruse electrical when the insurance adjuster came out to our farm.   In the meeting with the adjuster it was obvious that Ty’s experience, expertise and credible approach were well received.  As a result emergency repairs were approved on the spot and shortly thereafter Olson’s overall bid to replace the roof and to upgrade the electrical to code was approved.  Repairs to the barn were soon started.

I enjoyed meeting the construction crew and I found them to be well organized, very skilled and hard working.  The crew maintained an organized and tidy work site that did not interfere with the work on our farm.  All work was done skillfully, and on time, and in the course of the project we were consulted as to any choices or decisions.   As a result we now have a better than original hay barn that are very pleased with.   After the job was completed Olson Construction followed up to see if we were satisfied with the finished work.  I was very pleased to be able to tell them that we are most satisfied with all they did for us.  Accordingly.  I am delighted to be able to recommend Ty Olson Construction for all your construction needs.  They are a skilled, fair and honest company to do business with.

Mike Duggan
Ty Olson Construction Company built us a great new barn and a seperate garage/workshop building for less than some competing contractors had bid on the barn alone from the same written bid solicitation.  Later, Ty did a superb job of strengthening, re-siding and re-roofing our home, part of which was built in 1918 and the rest in 1945.  You won’t do better than Ty and Kathy for your construction needs.
William Slusher - Riverside, WA
Our journey with Ty Olson Construction began a couple of years ago.  We approached Ty and Kathy with nothing more than a dream of building a new home on our land near Wauconda, WA.  This type of venture was very new to us, and what I needed was a patient and professional company who had the vision, local knowledge, expertise and experience to help me start from scratch.  This is exactly what I found with Ty Olson Construction.

They not only built our beautiful home, but helped us with finding a local engineer, designer and the perfect company to finance our project.  Due to lack of comps in the area, we were having a lot of difficulty finding the right financial organization to fund our project.  When I discussed this with Kathy, she provided some information on a company they trust (NW Farm Credit), who not only funded our project, but also specializes in construction in remote/rural areas.

They were fantastic and saved us a lot of money as well, as their rates, fees and programs were the best out of any bank or credit union I had contacted.  Ty and Darren laid out a timeline for us making planning on our end possible.

There were a lot of decisions to be made.  Darren, the project manager, kept us informed so we had ample time to research and make informed decisions on materials, etc.  He also put us in contact with Katherine, a designer, who helped us make some difficult decisions on trimming the interior.  She met us at a few locations to look over tile, flooring, granite, etc.  She was excellent and in the end we were all very happy with the choices we made, with her assistance.  Her suggestions, which my wife was happy with, gave me great peace of mind that we had made the right choices.

Ty, Darren and Kathy were there for us every step of the way.  Kathy runs a tight ship and if there were any issues, she was on it, making sure we were happy with everything going on.  Communication was good and was very important to me since our primary residence is six hours away from the job site.  They always made sure we got new pictures as progress was made.  Our job was finished in summer of 2012 and we are very happy with our new home.

As with any new construction, there were a few minor tweaks to be worked out, and Kathy made sure they were squared-away ASAP.  Customer service is just as timely and professional as the work itself.  In the end, not only do we have our dream home in the mountains, but some new, good friends as well at Ty Olson Construction.

Robert Young – Waconda, WA
It’s our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Olson Construction Services.

Our experience working with Olson Construction Services has been excellent. They are true professionals who bring important construction knowledge and outstanding management skills to their projects.

Olson Construction Services have replaced two water lines within our system. Throughout the durations of the two projects, the entire Olson Construction team provided excellent service. Their entire team is focused and experienced, and every aspect of the project was carefully managed to ensure that there was smooth flow to the work.

Sky Harbour Water Supply highly recommends Olson Construction Services and will be hiring them in the future.

Please feel free to contact me should you require any additional information.

Johnny Davis, Granbury, TX
We had Ty Olson do a small job.  We needed our lot cleared and leveled.  We were not the one’s paying for this to be done so we were not sure how it would go, well Ty and David kept me up to date and called back every time I called to ask about the job.  I was told when the gravel was being put down and when it was completed.  On check out the lodge Ty built and the entrance also 1st class.
Stan Phillips, Bellevue, WA
When we decided to build a house on our property near Wauconda Pass, we had no local knowledge of builders. A neighbor suggested we consider Ty Olson Construction, so we arranged a meeting.

Right from the beginning we were impressed by Ty Olson and his operation. We live far enough away that close observation of the process wasn’t possible. We spoke to Darren, the project manager, or Kathy Olson, or Ty almost every day and on Fridays we could visit the site and talk to the building crew.

Everyone always went out of their way to answer our questions and show us what they were doing. The crew was obviously proud of their workmanship and explained many details about the construction. Darren and Ty made themselves available to patiently deal with our questions or concerns and make whatever changes were required. Ty took care of all the permits, subcontractors, and all other details so all we had to do was watch our dream materialize.

The entire process was painless and smooth and the quality of the work is outstanding. We would recommend this team to anyone wanting to build— especially if they cannot frequently visit the site. We could scarcely have had a better experience. Or a better result.

Mark & Patti Burpo
After a few years of owning a home built by Ty Olson Construction, I thought I should submit a follow-up to my original review. Even though it’s been a few years since construction was completed, we continue to experience excellent customer service.

Kathy Olson is a great communicator and gets things done. Whenever we have a question about the house, the area or anything, Kathy is always there to lend a hand. We are so pleased with our home, the excellent customer service and the friendship we have with the Olson’s.

Ty Olson is a paragon of construction professionalism and excellence and stands by his homes 100%, irrespective of time and warranties. It has been difficult living hours away from the home they built for us while we transition into retirement and prepare to move into our home full time. It gave us great peace of mind knowing that Ty and Kathy would do anything for us while we were away.

Years later, I still believe we found the best home builder and friends in the area.

Robert Young – Waconda, WA

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